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CBMA has conducted extensive exchanges and co-operation with more than 100 countries and regions, and established strategic partnerships with many international famous academic institutions, certification bodies and enterprises in the field of green building material, special cement, high performance concrete, glass deep processing, special refractory material, test and certification. CBMA has undertaken a number of large-scale international conferences, actively participated in activities held by international organizations like ISO, IEC, ASTM, RILEM, ACI, and ICT, as well as taking Chinese government international cooperation projects and training program for developing countries. CBMA published English academic journal Journal of Sustainable Cement-based Materials by cooperating with INFORMA (affiliated to TAYLOR &FRANCIS GROUP). CBMA becomes the national high-level overseas talents innovation base by actively carrying out international business including project general contracting, test and certification, and product export, etc. In 2003, UNIDO founded the first international productivity promotion agency in China building materials field with the support of CBMA, i.e. UNIDO International Center for Materials Technology Promotion. CBMA was named “Base for International Science and Technology Cooperation” in 2013.

 Building international cooperation and exchange platform and international academic standardization organizations

National International S&T Cooperation Base


APP Cement Task Force-Centre of Excellence

UNIDO International Center for Materials Technology Promotion

International academic journal

High-level overseas talents innovation base

 Organizing or participating international academic and industrious conferences, and inviting world renowned scholars to give lectures

Winning the bid to host 14th ICCC of 2015

Continuous organizing 4 sessions of International Symposium on Cement & Concrete

“GPD CHINA” was co-sponsored by Glaston, CBMA and CTC for 10 consecutive years

Organizing the 6th international Conference of refractory materials

Organizing the 1st International Conference on inorganic materials Testing & Evaluation

Inviting international well-known scholars as guest professors

Attending the 13th ICCC

Attending conference on IEO/TC82 Plenary Meeting

Investigating Japan's concrete and energy-saving emission reduction technology

 Organizing technical training for developing countries and developing S&T popularization and exchange

Seminar on Green Building & Energy Saving for Developing Countries

Seminar on Clear Production of Cement Industry for Developing Countries

Training Courses on Clean Production of Cement Industry for Developing Countries

2013 Seminar on Cement Science and project for Senior managers and officials for Developing Countries held by HCRDI

Organizing UNIDO Workshop on Affordable Housing Technology during Shanghai World Expo

Developing low cost new housing technology promotion and demonstration

 Organizing International S&T Cooperation and international standards making

Organizing international cooperation projects between governments such as App Sino-US Project & 3 rd Workshop on Energy Efficiency & Clean Development of Chinese Cement Industry

Cooperating with the world well-known research institutions and companies including the University of Colorado , the University of British Columbia, Canada ECOSMART Foundation , the University of Birmingham ,Saint-Gobain France, American PPG Company

Cooperating with International Standard Organizations such as ISO, IEC, RILEM , etc. ; Developing research on test methods and making international standards; Releasing 2 international standards ( ISO 13124 、 ISO 17095 )

 Developing international business such as EPC, test and certification, and exports, etc.

Exporting Refractory materials, fiber photoelectric imaging device, quartz products, special engineering materials

Carrying out international certification and inspection service and international mutual recognition cooperation

Undertaking international engineering design and general contracting business