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Scientific Research Institutes
8 professional research and design institutes specializing respectively in the fields of cement, glass, new building materials, wall material, ceramics, electro-mechanic automation in light industry; 6 materials academies whose specialties are in the fields of cement and new building materials, glass, quartz glass and special glass, glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics and refractories.

Key Laboratories
2 national key labs including State Key Lab. of Green Building Materials and State Key Lab. of Float Glass Technology; 5 ministerial-level key labs including those in the fields of quartz glass, cement-based materials, high performance ceramics and precise process, solar energy and building energy-saving glass materials process technology, and detection and diagnosis and treatment of construction engineering properties.

Test & Certification Associations
7 State-level Product Quality Supervision & Testing Centers serving industries of building materials, cement, glass, sanitary ceramics, safety glass and quartz glass; 23 industry-level product quality inspection centers, energy-saving evaluation test centers and environment monitoring centers related to the fields of refractory materials, building materials, wall roofing materials, building waterproof materials, magnesia cementing materials, decorative and fit-up architectural materials, aluminum plastic composite material and sunshade products, as well as solar photovoltaic (electric) products.

Evaluation of product quality control and technical industrial laboratory
7 State-level Industrial Product Quality Control and Technical Evaluation Laboratories of glass, sanitary ceramics, wall materials, building materials, decorative and fit-up architectural materials, horologe, and light industry machinery

Standardization Technical Committees
23 National Standardization Technical Committees of the fields like cement, lightweight and new building materials, architectural glass, industry class and special glass, building materials for wall, roof and rood, sanitary ceramics, constructional elements and material environmental conditions and environmental test, environment friendly and salutiferous building materials are affiliated to CBMA.

Academic & Industry Associations
The Chinese Ceramic Society and 30 branches and professional associations of China Building Materials Federation in the aspects of cement, concrete and cement product, house building materials, glass, refractory, concrete additives, aluminum plastic composites, flooring materials, ecological environment building materials, micro-crystal and cast stone, etc. are affiliated to CBMA.

Technology Agencies
10 technology agencies including UNIDO International Center for Materials Technology Promotion, China Glass Development Center, China Development Center of Wall & Roof Materials, China Development Center of Architectural and Sanitary Ceramics, China Development Center of Light-weight Building Materials, Productivity Center of Building Materials Industry and etc. are supported by CBMA.

nternational S&T Cooperation Base
CBMA has been recognized as “Base for International S&T Cooperation " by the Science &Technology (S&T) Ministry of China, Beijing Municipality, and Anhui Province, undertaking the task of international science and technology cooperation in the fields of green building materials, construction and material test and certification, and glass new materials, and exploring the pattern of combining "project- talent-base" to promote national and local international S&T cooperation level.