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China Building Materials Academy Awarded with the Title of “Best Supplier of Optical Device 2015” by France-based PHOTONIS
Date:2015-10-30 Print

    On October 29, a four-member delegation led by Kees Ruiter, Director of Procurement Department under France-based PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S., visited China Building Materials Academy and granted China Building Materials Academy the medal and certificate of “Best Supplier of Optical Device 2015” by PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S.. Yao Yan, Vice Chairwoman of China National Building Material Group (CNBM) and President of China Building Materials Academy showed warm reception for the delegation. Yao Yan, Vice Chairwoman of China National Building Material Group (CNBM) and President of China Building Materials Academy showed warm reception for the delegation.

    PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S. is universally recognized as one of top low-light level image intensifier manufacturers in the world and leading the progress and development of the low-light-level night vision technology of the world.  Since it established cooperation with the Academy in 2011, the volume of optical devices purchased by the Company form the Academy has expanded year by year and up to now, the Academy has become the largest optical device supplier of PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S, with more than 70% of the Company’s optical devices provided by the Academy.  PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S assesses its suppliers annually in the areas of product quality and performance, service, communication, etc. Thanks to its excellence in the above-mentioned areas, the Academy is worthy of the title of “Best Supplier of Optical Device 2015”. The title presents full recognition for the Academy’s efforts in the research and development of optical device products and an example of the Group’s export in hi-tech technologies and products.

    As Yao Yan indicated, China Building Materials Academy has developed rapidly during the recent years and strongly supported and poured massive resources into the Academy of Fiberglass. Through cooperation with such a top company as PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S., the Academy has improved its capacity rapidly.  PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S. always develops strict, rigor, and precise targets and standards, which drives the Academy to raise its core competitiveness as well as meet the Company’s demands. Improvements in these areas have helped the Academy beat foreign bidders in several international biddings.  Yao Yan hopes that the two parties will continue to intensify the friendly cooperation and jointly advance the R&D of new products and the improvements on products performance and quality.

    Kees Ruiter thanked Chinese Building Materials Academy for its efforts in product quality assurance, technical service, product test and benchmarking, and R&D of and technical input provided for new products, and was gratified at the sincere and effective cooperation between the two parties.  On behalf of the Company, he sincerely invited Yao Yan to visit PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S. as soon as possible to officially sign the agreement on comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between the two parties for the purpose of accelerating the cooperation of the two parties.

    Li Guo’en, the Director of the Academy for Special Fiberglass and Photoelectric Functional Materials under China Building Materials Academy, participated in the meeting.