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CTC, a Practitioner of Combating Climate Change
Date:2015-12-02 Print

    The 21st UN Climate Change Conference was inaugurated in Paris on Nov 30, and was attended by more than 100 heads of state and government, including the PRC president Xi Jinping and the US president Obama. As a key node in the process of cooperation for combating climate change, the conference drew high attention worldwide. China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. (CTC) attended the conference on invitation. Chen Lu, the deputy GM of CTC, made a speech at the side event held in “China Pavilion” and themed by “build a MRV system in China”.

    At the side event, the officials and experts including Ge Hongmei (deputy director of Technology and Standard Management Department of CNCA), Jiang Zhaoli (deputy director of Climate Change Combating Department of NDRC), Marco Loprieno (climate director-general of EC), Duan Maosheng (professor of Institute of Low Carbon Economy, Tsinghua University) and He Jiankun (professor of Institute of Low Carbon Economy, Tsinghua University) discussed the policies, institutions and studies for and the practices of MRV system building, in depth, introduced how the low carbon certification system was promoted, and shared the industrial and local experience in carbon emission examination and certification, to provide support for building a carbon market with justice and equity. In the speech, Chen introduced the efforts and achievements made by CTC in the carbon field, and expressed the CTC’s determination and confidence in making greater contributions to combating climate change, to the world.

    The side event was sponsored by the CNCA and Tsinghua University. As a cooperator to the side event, CTC assigned a team made up of Chen and other 3 experts to attend.