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One-Million Ton Cement Plant Project Phase II in Mongolia Progresses Smoothly
Date:2016-03-31 Print

    On March 30, the Munkhiin Bayan Gal One-Million Ton Cement project in Mongolia restarted. BeijingTriumph International Engineering Co., Ltd (Beijing Triumph)is the designer and equipment supplier of this turnkey project undertaken by CTIEC.

    On the March 27 Preparation Meeting gathering the owner CUCC's cement leaders, supervisors, turnkey department, design institute, and subcontractor managers, all representatives discussed key construction problems and corresponding solutions to guarantee project operation by the end of May. All stakeholders agreed to unite and do their best to achieve this goal.

    The Munkhiin Bayan Gal Project is a key part of China's "the Belt and RoadInitiative", and has drawn the continuous attention and support of the Ministry of Commerce, Embassy of Mongolia, and CNBM's leaders. For the present, the project comes to the final stage, and with the strong support of the owners, site project department will closely cooperate with Beijing Triumph and lead all construction units to overcome every challenge in the future 60 days, and ultimately deliver desired results!