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Subordinate Corporations Attended 27th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition
Date:2016-04-15 Print

    From 11 to 14 April, the 27th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Many subordinate corporations of CNBM, including China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) and Triumph Group, were invited to participate in the exhibition. Displaying products, technology, and equipment all at internationally advanced level, this exhibition were highly spoken of and paid great attention to by leaders and colleagues in glass industry.

    Institute of Quartz and Special Glass and Glass Science & Technology Institute of CBMA especially displayed quartz glass products, chalcogenide glass, fire-resistant glass, coated glass, and magnetron sputtering coating glass equipment; Ruitai Technology Corporation mainly showed advanced refractories and equipment; China New Building Materials Design and Research Institute mainly exhibited independently-developed float glass, power generation technology by waste heat, energy conservation and emission reduction technology, intelligent manipulation technology, etc.; Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research & Design Institute particularly presented electronic ultra-thin glass, special glass, oxy-fuel firing technology, integrated desulphurization and denitration technology, and other technologies & equipment to save energy and reduce emission.

    Triumph Group mainly displayed their results of R & D (on float glass process, TFT, and Ultra clear rolled glass) and engineering technical service in recent years, in which 0.2 mm ultra-thin electronic glass became a highlight of this exhibition. CNBM Triumph Robotics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd mainly showed the electronic glass robot automatic production line; Luoyang Float Glass Group especially displayed ultra-thin electronic float glass, ultra-white calender PV coated glass, and ultra-thick float glass; CNBM (Neijiang) Glass Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd mainly exhibited DIC hard film, hard coating, EC Glass, and flat-type solar thermal collector.

    This exhibition, as one of the three grand international glass exhibitions, enjoys completely independent IPR in the domestic glass industry. The international consultancy regards it as important elements for evaluating the development of glass market. This exhibition aims to display new products, new technology, and new equipment in the glass industry and provide an opportunity for internationally high-end professional business docking so as to help glass enterprises find business opportunities and promote a sound development of the glass industry. The display area of the exhibition was over 80,000 square meters. And it attracted 886 famous manufacturers from 31 countries to join in this event, with over 20,000 professional personnels from 91 countries as its audience.